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Well What I would like to know is how I could improve my short term memory ... because it seems to be losing on me."

Ariba Siddiqi,
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"I'm Warren's assistant and I really do have a biased opinion. Because I already have worked with Warren in the application of the techniques and secrets he teaches. And I think they're great. I own Warren's Mind Power Miracles Manual and I paid full price for it! (I also paid for the 5 Minute Learning Machine) so I know this manual is massive value."
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These Simple Tricks Will Show You How…

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I believe that your memory is working at a tiny fraction of its true power today - because you simply don't know the right way to feed it facts!

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Beth Stevens
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If you are a business man, they may be customers orders that you have received... if you are a salesman, they maybe twenty different products in your line... if you are a student, they may be the twenty parts of your homework... if you are a housewife, they may be important appointments that you have to keep tomorrow!

In any case, you are simply going to glance over that list again for a few moments.

Burn Facts Into Your Mind!

You are going to perform a simple mental trick on each one of these facts - that will burn that fact into your mind, permanently and automatically! And then you are going to put that list away. You're going to bed without thinking of it again.

And the next morning, you are going to amaze your family and friends! When you go down to business, you'll attend to every one of those orders - automatically - without referring to your note pad!

For perhaps the first time in your life, you'll be able to plan ahead your entire day - automatically, in your own mind - without being a slave to reminders, or notes, or other "paper crutches!"

Yes! And you'll amaze your friends by remembering every product in your line - backwards and forwards - in the exact order that you memorized them!

You'll keep every single appointment on time - because one appointment will automatically flash into your mind after another - at the precise moment you need them - exactly as though you pushed a mental button!

All this - in a single evening! Here is a gift that will pay you dividends for as long as you live! A simple trick... a simple secret of burning facts into your memory that may change your entire life!

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Yes! These names and faces are filled in the same storehouse of your memory - permanently! Whenever you meet these people on the street... whenever they drop in expectantly at a friends house.

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This course teaches you to remember exactly what you hear and read! It gives you the confidence you need to make an important point at a business conference... to back up your opinion in discussions... become a leader in conversations, with dozens of interesting facts at your fingertips!

This course teaches you how to memorize a speech, or a sales presentation - in minutes! It teaches you how to remember exactly what you hear and read! Articles pages in books! It can be all well and good reading fast but it's pointless if you can't remember what you've just read.

It gives you the confidence you need to make an important point at a business conference... to back up your opinion in discussions... become a leader in conversations, with dozens of interesting facts at your fingertips!

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Learn a Foreign Language Almost Overnight

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I believe that this course proves, once and for all, that memory improvement can be fun... it can be exciting... it can be passed from one person to another - automatically!

"Hi Warren. This system has demonstrated to myself that even I can memorize information in a fairly amazing manner. For now, I try to maintain a positive, open-minded attitude as well as high expectation to succeed in this endeavor.

Anyone with a desire to achieve great memory should consider this system."

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Now at this point, you are probably wondering what a extensive course like this will cost.

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All good memory experts, even the world champions are still constantly learning... still hungry for more knowledge on improving there skill.

What exactly is Mind Power Miracles?

Mind Power Miracles WAS available ONLY in hard copy. This course only came in a telephone directory style printed manual (i.e size n thickness) broken up into 4 easy to digest modules.

It was 4 manuals of about 120+ pages each but I've went through cutting out some of the fluff and kept the meat of the topic and put it into one complete manual with 4 easy to digest modules (I don't like spending hours of my time reading through page after page of fluff trying to find a juicy bit and suspect you don't either).

Mind Power Miracles was delivered right to your front door by UPS

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So What’s The Cost For This Incredible Resource?

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Bonus#1: The Secret Study Tips Of Successful Students.

Study secrets for students ebook

Successful students leave clues After interviewing hundreds of top students, the puzzle has finally been pieced together and you will be entitled to this Top-Secret-Never-Before-Published book on the study habits and techniques of highly successful busy students.

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* How to structure your Study Plan and use it.

* How to use the templates for your very own Central Study plan to chart your monthly, weekly and daily priority tasks and assignments. Know what remedial action to take in an instant.

* How to make concise and highly effective study notes for easy recall.

* How to skim your text

* How to study for tests in 15, 10, 5 or 2 days.

* How to write a compelling report in 15, 10, 5 or 2 days.

* Test taking strategies.

"The concentration excercise with the coin is easy and effective and now my part of my daily routine"

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Bonus#2: DNA of Success. Audio Interview With Jack Zufelt - Author Of The Best Seller The DNA of Success - take at look:

The game of "Hide & Seek" is great for children but when it comes to finding success it's not child's play at all. The search for success in all of us drives a multibillion-dollar per year industry.

Meet a world famous individual who teaches something about success that is so amazing

His message is so popular that he has been interviewed on over 2,000 radio and TV talk shows. PBS even aired a special on his “new technology” for success and broadcast it to 127 countries via satellite.

Zufeltjack_150w The man is Jack M. Zufelt and his book is The DNA of Success, hit the #1 best seller slot in the first 3 weeks it was out. It’s now in 12 languages and it’s 3rd printing. His audio program has sold in about 55 countries.

Here is a bit of what you'll hear Jack share in this recorded audio interview:

His research has shown that even with all the self-help methods and techniques that are available out there, and bought into, we are still left hungry and still searching for success.

Jack speaks the truth and it looks like this; Most people are looking for success in all the wrong places.

On the the recording he’ll show you how to stop wasting time, money, and energy, on things that don’t’ work and learn what does every time.

This is the amazing part – he proves that success is not out there in some technique or methodology.

If you're asking yourself if you should invest the next 60 minutes into listening to this recording, read this email from someone who did:

"This was one of the most helpful interviews I have ever listened to. Now I now why I despise setting goals, have floundered with career and personal decisions, and more - I have put other folks' interests before my own, or have done what I thought I should do. WOW! Thanks for arranging this."

Many famous people have endorsed Jack. People like Norman Vincent Peale, Mary Kay of Mary Kay Cosmetics, Reverend Robert Schuller, Jack Canfield, co-author of the Chicken Soup series, Brian Tracy, Lou Holtz, famous football coach, etc.

Jack will show you how to unleash the conquering force within you so you can achieve maximum success in your life in any area that matters to you.

http://www.5minutelearningmachine.com/bookcover.jpg Here’s what you’ll get

  • How to zero in on the automatic mechanism that will propel you into sustained, perpetual, proper action focus and excitement resulting inunqualified success in all areas of your life.
  • How to tap into your own limitless source of true inspiration and self-motivation...to turn on the juice so you can succeed at any level you honestly want.
  • How to isolate the single, root cause of all success in all 6 areas of life. This is the catalyst that causes all achievement to happen.
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  • Empower you with the knowledge and ability to overcome stubborn obstacles like fear, stress, lack of money and procrastination once and for all. What would your life be like if you could overcome those obstacles?
  • How to find and flip on your personal switch within you and how to become an unstoppable force within your life and use this to finally eliminate procrastination.
  • Walk you through a super simple, automatic way to get the discipline and enthusiasm you need to make things happen in your life, your business, or your career.
  • Becoming a skilled master at not just “how to do it" but more importantly how to "get yourself to do it" - whatever you want "it" to be.
  • Creating clear, concise and doubt free direction in your life.
  • Learn how to identify and achieve your heart's desires in the easiest way possible.

    Finally you will HAVE FOUND the shortest route to achieve SUCCESS in life.

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